Starting this season, Casey Basketball Association have increased the costs for registration of teams and weekly game fees, mostly to help cover the cost of the new stadium build. As a result, you’ll notice a moderate increase to our fees to cover this cost. Being a family focused club this is something we were reluctant to do, and our fees have remained consistent for the past four years, however, with the increase in costs we (like other clubs within Casey) have no alternative but to pass this on to members.

Season Registration

To enquire about a spot within a team, please email:

Once your registration is complete, payment can be made in one of three ways:

1. By bank deposit (preferred):
Account Name: Narre Magic
Bank: Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633-000
Account Number: 147473839

2. By EFTPOS at the training dates.
3. By cash or cheque at the training dates. (please place in a sealed envelope with player name, team name and a contact number on the front of the envelope).

Please note: any players with outstanding fees are not eligible to register until all outstanding amounts are paid in full, and clearances will not be provided should they wish to play for another club.

Registration & Season Details

2 seasons Summer / Winter

Summer season starts the weekend before School Term 4 commences. Winter season starts weekend before School Term 2 commences.

Fees & Discounts

If paid 4 weeks before both winter and summer seasons begin, $240 for each season. 

If paid during both winter and summer seasons, $240 for each season.

Family Discount + Total Fees Per Season

X 1 Child: $240 (Full Price $240)

X 2 Children: $230 - $10 Discount (Full Price $470)

X 3 Children: $220 - $20 Discount (Full Price $690)

X 4 Children: $210 - $30 Discount (Full Price $900)

Split Payments:

For those who do not pay in a lump sum, we do offer a split payment system. This allows the fees to be split into two equal payments across the season. The due dates for these payments are 13th of March for the first payment and the 25th of May, 2018 for the final payment.

Eligibility to train and play:

To ensure that players are eligible to train and play, season fees must be paid up to date (as per either the Early Bird or Split Payment options above). If fees are not paid up to date then players will not be allowed to train, or take to the court for games.

As a not-for-profit club, we rely solely on player payments to function and cannot subsidise players who have outstanding fees. Families with outstanding fees will be subject to a late payment charge of up to $50 per player.
If you require assistance with fees, please contact: